23 Photo Sharing

23 is simple and smart photo sharing for the rest of us. The service is created and maintained by a small and dedicated team of people.

What you can do with 23:

Photo pages
Your own photo pages accessible via your web browser. Share your photos privately with friends and family. Publish your photos for the world to see. Or do both.

Unlimited storage
23 offers unlimited storage for all accounts. Plus accounts also have unlimited upload quotas making it possible to store all your photos.

Upload via the web interface, via our pc upload application, or directly from your camera phone.

Send and give photos
Easy and convenient mail-based photo sharing. Send photos to your friends without bloating their mailboxes with large imagefiles.

Share with friends and family
Invite your friends and family to join you at 23. Interact, add notes, comment on photos, subscribe to each others photos, and more.

Organizing your photos can be fast, simple and fun. Create albums, add descriptions and tag your photos with keywords.

Secure backup
Stop worrying about having all your digital photos on your harddrive without a backup. With 23 your photos are safely stored and backed up on our servers.

Subscribe to friends and family members' photos and keep each other posted. With our photo newsreader you can keep track of your contacts' new photos. Smart and convenient.

URL: http://www.23people.com