Stay Organized
- Build a calendar for your own private use. Create reminders for paying bills, attending social functions, or checking that online auction. Get organized!

Expand Your Network
- Search published calendars for exciting events and add them to your own calendar. Add a little more playtime to your schedule. Get involved!

Stay in Touch with Friends and Family
- Create a schedule for your family. Create reminders for all your children’s scheduled activities. Get together!

Grow Your Business
- Create a calendar for your business trips. Keep track of deadlines. Set some real goals. Get profitable!

Promote Your Group
- Create a calendar for your church, your band, or your team. Publish a calendar on your own website. Get noticed!

Powerful Features
- Group sharing, calendar subscriptions (roll-up), event/calendar search, drag and drop interface, simple desktop client, RSS feeds, Web API

URL: http://www.calendarhub.com