How did you discover things you'd never heard of? Ever dazzled by endless selections in a bookstore or a web store? There're millions of new books, movies and music albums released each year. There got to be dozens in these that suit you perfectly, but you'll probably miss many of them. Best seller lists tell you the popular ones, but what about the rest?

If only there's a way to know tastes of millions of people, and point out the ones most like yourself. The power of words-of-mouth would be amplified many times over. Douban was created out of this very wish. It does not target to any particular group of people. No matter how bizarre or commonly the things you like, Douban helps to you find the people who shares these interests, and discover more good stuff through them.

- Catalog, rate and tag your books, movies and music
- Douban will recommend to you other titles you might like
- Publish your review or join free discussion on any title
- Discover those who share similar tastes and browse their things
- Join or create a group and contribute to its collections

URL: http://beta.douban.com