Rezzibo is an online news reader, also called RSS reader. A news reader allows you to subscribe to news feeds (syndicated internet content) from your favorite news sites and blogs. This way, you can read them all conveniently in one place, instead of having to visit each and every site to see if fresh content has been posted.

- You will save a lot of time receiving all blogs and news in just one place, instead of having to visit all of your favorite web site separately. Rezzibo even alerts you if new content is being posted.
- Rezzibo enables you to save interesting articles for later reference. You can not only search in articles saved by you, but also in all articles found interesting and saved by all of our users.
- If you own a del.icio.us account, you can add articles directly to your favorites without the need to leave Rezzibo.
- Rezzibo's feed directory enables you to find interesting content and to browse through Rezzibo's most popular feeds.
- We are constantly learning from our users and will add new features. Let us know what you need!

URL: http://www.rezzibo.com