Find what you need. Krugle helps you find the code you need and the related technical and licensing information to evaluate and use that code. And once you’ve found what you need, Krugle lets you save it and share it. The process of searching, evaluating and communicating are dramatically faster with Krugle.

Krugle was designed by programmers, for programmers. As a result, it is much more than just a search engine for code. It’s a powerful tool designed to provide the critical information software developers need. Krugle's ability to find rich search on technical issues is perfect for any level within IT, from programmer to CIO.

Unlike conventional search engines, Krugle is designed to locate code. Krugle supports code search by crawling, parsing and indexing code found in all open source repositories, as well as code that exists in archives, mailing lists, blogs, and web pages. And Krugle makes navigating code repositories easy. For example, you can quickly navigate downward (from “Apache” to “Tomcat”), or start with a single source file and then view it’s relationship to another file, to see how it’s used. This ability to interactively browse and explore code in a meaningful context provides a more informed view and reduces the time required to make good code decisions.

Krugle also automatically generates API reports which clearly explain how one code component integrates with other components by showing a list of calls in a particular program. Today API documentation is a laborious process, done only after careful study of the entire code module.

Krugle also provides answers to code-related technical questions, enabling real-time comprehension by presenting contextual information quickly and efficiently: related code, dependencies, licensing information, compatibility requirements, bug reports and news group postings. Krugle’s intelligent crawlers evaluate sites and search only those that are technical, so search results are highly relevant.

URL: http://www.krugle.com